Babolat 2013-2015 Aeropro Drive GT Racquet – Still good in 2019?

Babolat Aeropro Drive GT – The perfect companion for intermediate tennis

When it comes to choosing a tennis racquet, one will usually have to deal with quite a bit of confusion. After all, the market is flooded with tons of products, all claiming to be the best.

However, hardly a few of them actually turn out to be quality racquets which makes the game easy for the players as well as help them get an upper hand.

The Babolat 2013-2015 Aeropro Drive GT Tennis Racquet is one of the products that actually delivers what it claims to be offering.

After all, it comes from none other than one of the most reputed manufacturers in the segment, Babolat.

Here’s a look at why you should buy this, and what this particular tennis racquet has in store for you:

Innovative Design

The traditional racquets look rather outdated and hardly offer any considerable advantage over the other products in the segment. However, the Babolat AeroPro Drive GT, comes with a highly innovative design, quite surprising to see in this low price ranged racquets segment.

The AeroModular wing shaft design is what it comes with, making it extremely easy for the players to swing it in any direction they want, and at a speed which will seem one of the very best you would have ever saw or experienced.

Still one of the best good looking racquets in 2019.


Some of the pro players out there know well how drastically important it is for a tennis racquet to weigh less.

After all, the heavier racquets usually always turn out to be the culprits behind a poor swinging and annoyingly slow speed, which make it tremendously difficult for you to hit the ball hard, especially when it comes in a direction you didn’t expected it to.

The Babolat Aeropro Drive GT, however, being lightweight, ensures that you will be relieved of dealing with poor swinging, and rather enjoy hitting the ball hard by swinging the racquet considerably quickly in any direction you want.

Help Avoid Bad Vibrations

Well, the bad vibrations one faces will playing for too long is what spoils the whole game for the players. After all, when one plays for a considerably long period at a time, the racquet might sometimes start vibrating, making you start missing the shots.T

he Babolat Aeropro Drive GT again gets around this problem quite effectively, by coming with a new handle specially designed to help the players give a skip to such bad vibrations.

Furthermore, the design of its handle is based on the new Cortex Active Expert concept, which helps it offer quite a lot of convenience to the players even while playing for too long in one go.

Best for Intermediates & Professionals

Now, though a lot of you might already have made this out, it’s still worth mentioning that this racquet seems to be working great for the intermediate and professional players.

The new players out there, though might not have a very hard time playing with it, will surely need to spend quite a bit of time in getting hold of it as well as understanding how to play with it.

A Final Word

Though being priced a bit on the expensive side, the Babolat Aeropro Drive GT surely turns out to be a great value for money product, thanks to the high level of innovation it comes with.

Tester Scores

Tester Scores
  • Power

  • Serves

  • Control

  • Maneuverability

  • Comfort

  • Touch/Feel


Scores are determined by averaging individual play test scores


Pros: Improve feel, Power, Spin
Cons: Some might feel stiff when handling.

Upsets in Tennis

Grand slam tournaments in tennis are famous for their upsets. Pete Sampras lost a match at Wimbledon, a tournament he had won seven times prior, to George Bastil in 2002, who was ranked 145 at the time.

In 2008, unranked Julie Coin took out number one ranked Ana Ivanovic in the second round at the U.S.Open. The French Open has absolutely had its share of upsets, the most notorious one dating back to only 2009, when Rafael Nadal, who had never before lost a match at the Open, took a beating in the fourth round at the hands of Robin Soderling, who was ranked only 23 at the time, and had never fared well at the Open.

This year’s French Open had its share of upsets and near upsets, which in turn made it one of the most publicized grand slam tournaments in recent memory.

Azarenka Loses to Cibulkova, Top Spot In the fourth round

Top-seeded Victoria Azarenka was taken down by number 15 player Dominika Cibulkova in straight sets.

The match started off in Azarenka’s favor, as she took the first game in brisk fashion. Slowly but surely however, Cibulkova managed to win six of the next seven to win the first set rather handily. The second set was closer, but ended with Cibulkova falling to her knees in sheer joy after defeating the world’s most highly ranked player, and with Azarenka breaking her racket out of frustration.

Despite Azarenka’s clear height advantage (nine inches), Cibulkova played the baseline stubbornly. She took the famously powerful shots Azarenka was firing her way and was able to put them in the corner of the opposite side of the net.

After the match, Azarenka sarcastically quipped that she would kill herself. The fact is she didn’t have to; Cibulkova killed her on the court already.

Errani Defeats Stosur, Continues Unlikely Run

In the semifinals, Samantha Stosur, ranked sixth in the world, suffered a defeat at the racket of Sara Errani, ranked number 24. The Australian sensation was able to take it to the final set, but Errani reigned victorious. As much as Errani’s fans would like her to take credit for the victory, the fact of the matter is that Stosur committed an abundance of unforced errors that led to her loss.

Stosur uncharacteristically committed several double faults during the match, all of which Errani was able to seize on.

Djokovic Holds On, But Just Barely

The men have not suffered the same type of upsets, but they’ve come awful close. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga had four match points against Novak Djokovic in the third set, and managed to blow every one of them. Not only that, Djokovic came back to win the match in five sets.

Djokovic, ranked number two in the world, has been playing phenomenal tennis as of late, so the fact that he was in such a precarious position is shocking enough, even if he ended up winning. The other grand slam tournaments have seen some upsets as well. Just ask Lukas Rosol, who knocked heavyweight Rafael Nadal out of Wimbledon in only the second round. This just makes you wonder what’s in store for the U.S. Open.

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Hybrid Stringing


An Introduction to Hybrid Strings | Choosing the Best Ones for Your Racket

As of all of you know, I’ve been reviewing a lot of items recently and making guides like these articles: Toaster, Pregnancy. I’ve also been busy researching about new products in the market today.

Today, I will share this short guide about the sport that I’m really passionate about. The Tennis! I will cover some aspects about one important part of playing the sport. The String…. I also give credit to the people who helped me improved my game and for helping me creating this article.

Structure of A Tennis String

Most tennis rackets that you can buy in the sports stores have standard strings, which is no big deal for most players, especially those that are just starting to play the sport.

If you’re a beginner you should focus more on your techniques and improving your game. Do not have a racquet yet? Here is a wonderful blog post by Bea and Seth about beginners tennis racquet.

But if you already have the basics mastered and want to improve your game, one way of doing this is to use hybrid strings. Hybrid stringing simply means you are using varying thickness for the main strings and the cross strings of your racket.

Usually, only the thickness will change but the material is the same, but there are also some players that use entirely different materials for hybrid strings.

Advantages of Using Hybrid Strings

One of the reasons why advanced tennis players like using hybrid strings is the fact that these allow them to fully customize their rackets. By choosing exactly the kind and thickness of the individual strings for their rackets, they can have better control over their performance.

For example, players that use a lot of force in their swings will find that using thick polyester for their main string and a natural gut for their cross string will help improve their game considerably.

Another advantage of using hybrid string is the possibility of increasing the player’s comfort and control of the racket. Each player has a unique style of playing and it is very important to find a racket that matches this style perfectly in order to maximize game play.

How to Choose a Main String

Your choice of which type of main string use depends on whether your main objective is to increase durability or playability. If you are looking for increased durability, the main string that you choose should be quite thick (15L or 16 gauge) and must be more durable than the cross string.

On the other hand, if you are aiming to enhance playability, you should choose a thinner string for your main string (17 or 18 gauge) and it should have the better playing qualities than the cross string.

How to Choose a Cross String

The easiest way to choose the right cross string is to think of what will best complement your main string. You want something that will help maximize the benefits that you can get from the main string while offering improving the overall feel of your racket in its own unique way at the same time.

For example, if your main string is made from a rather stiff material like polyester, a multifilament synthetic cross string can give the stringbed a much softer overall feel, which will make for better performance.

How to Choose the Right Tension

Once you have selected your strings, you can adjust the tension until you find the perfect setting for you. There are no strict rules on tension adjustments for hybrid strings but in general, the main strings are strung more tightly than the cross strings.

The recommended tension variance is approximately 2-3lbs, and it is usually not a good idea to go beyond 5lbs.

Final Words

Well I hoped that you learn something new today about the wonderful sport of Tennis. Don’t overthink it and just test a handful of strings if you must, to find what’s the best for you!


Choosing The Right 4 Slice Toaster For You & Your Family

There are different types of a 4 slice toaster available to meet your varying requirements. You should purchase one that has got the features as per your needs.

Either you are a working professional or a businessman, time is very important for you. Toasting few more slices of bread within your time makes a lot of difference to your schedule.

Hence, you need to prefer a toaster that can take in 4 slices of bread in the same time. It is advisable that you check that whether all the features are intact or not. Look at the specifications and brand name at the time of purchase.

Toaster with Enhanced Slots

By using a 4 slice toaster that has got wider slots will help you in placing large bread slices without any problems. Remove the slices from the pack and each one in the corresponding slots for toasting. This toaster will be beneficial for those who prefer making bread at the comfort of their home.

You don’t need to resize your slices before placing in this toaster that has got its slots widened allowing you to place them comfortably into the slots. But, you should take enough care that the toasting process is accomplished perfectly.

Toaster with Digital Technology

The impact of improving technology has been felt on a 4 slice toaster as well. You can now find a digital toaster that can allow 4 slices of bread at the same time. One of the notable differences is that it has got only two slots that are long enough to take 4 slices of bread at a time.

The advantage is that the slices can be toasted perfectly without you having to compromise with the taste or quality. A timer is provided on the front panel that can be reset as per your convenience and level of toasting.


Any 4 slice toaster you purchase, the feature that needs to be ensured is that the process of toasting is accomplished perfectly. The problem with these kinds of toasters is that the level of toasting cannot be monitored properly.

This will result in bread slices that are toasted randomly leaving centers in the original condition. You can avoid this problem to a maximum extent by choosing a branded product. The Internet is a great source of information wherein you can find the details of different toasters that offer you comprehensive information allowing you to choose the best one among them.


Lower Back Pain In Early Pregnancy – What Can You do?


We know that back pain can be a problem later on during pregnancy. Surprisingly, lower back pain in early pregnancy can also be a complaint for many moms-to-be.

I noticed the back pain when I was sitting on the floor watching television, and then when I tried to stand up from the floor. The only way I can describe it is that everything felt loose in my lower back and like it was falling apart.

The main thing responsible for this is the hormones that circulate in your body. In order for the baby to pass through your pelvis, the female pelvis needs to expand. Your body is very smart, and begins the process early. In other words, your ligaments and muscles around your pelvis start to loosen up.

Occasionally, back pain can also be due to a urinary tract infection or kidney infection. Kidney infections increase the risk of preterm labor, so if you are quite concerned, you should speak to your physician.

So what can you do to deal with the back pain in early pregnancy?

Alternate standing with sitting.

Staying in one position for too long is not good.

Start using a body pillow.

There are specific pregnancy body pillows that can greatly improve your comfort. They can help to ensure that your spine is aligned correctly, which can be of great aid in reducing the lower back pain during early pregnancy. These pillows can also improve your comfort dramatically as your belly grows.


If you were not very active before pregnancy, this is not the time to start running marathons. Simple walking and stretches can help. If you went to the gym before, speak to your physician to find out if it is safe to continue. Often, exercises the strengthen your abdomen, back muscles, and leg muscles can be very helpful during pregnancy.


Stretching out your pectoral muscles can help prevent the rounding of your back and allow you to get a good stretch in your back at the same time. To stretch your pecs, stand in a corner of your home where two walls meet perpendicularly.

Put one hand on each wall at a level above your head. Move your hands apart so that you feel the stretch across the pecs muscles, which are near the upper outer corners of your breasts. Arch your back to get a stretch on your back as well.

Start practicing good posture now.

Be sure to stand up tall and sit up straight (don’t sit slouched or hunched over a desk for long periods of the day). Be sure to take mini breaks every 15 minutes to reposition yourself and do a small stretch in the opposite direction.

For example, if you sit doing paperwork all day and notice that you hunch over your desk, you’ll want to stretch out in the opposite direction.



As pregnancy goes on, back pain can continue to be a problem, but it is related more to the weight of the baby and your body’s need to adjust its center of gravity to keep you from falling onto your face as your belly pulls you forwards. So start doing things early on in your pregnancy to reduce the back pain you are experiencing now, and to reduce the back pain that you may experience as the pregnancy continues.


Getting The Higher Grades With Calculus 2

Calculus is one of the major branches of mathematics. Usually, it is regarded as one of the most difficult subjects to master. Calculus is generally divided into two main areas: differential calculus and integral calculus.

You will note that differential calculus involves change concepts of the instantaneous rates. Alternatively, the integral calculus deals with the total change concepts. The two areas merge together and are widely applied in various fields that include engineering, science, economics, physics, statistics, and many more.

The major topics in calculus revolve around theories, limits, and functions. The topics are usually tough for students. It is therefore necessary for students to get calculus 2 help tutorials from good calculus tutors in order to improve his or her grades.

What’s The Best Graphing Calculator for Calculus?


Calculus as a branch of mathematics was invented by Sir Isaac Newton who is a renowned scientist. One of the reasons why it is a difficult subject is because it deals with mathematical problems which are ever.

The subject breaks down the math problems into minuscule steps, solves them and then adds the results collectively. Generally, it is the mathematical study of the way things change with time, height, area and many other parameters. A graphing calculator is a very good tool to use in this subject.

For me, The TI-Nspire CX CAS or the TI-84 Plus CE, which you can read the review here, is the best graphing calculator to use for calculus. Why? It is really powerful and fast. I got no problem using it. But you need to study how to use this calculator first because it is a complex one!

But once you get the hang of it, using it will be a breeze! By the way, If you want to know where I bought my totally rad graphing calculator, see this website please.

As noted, calculus is one of the most widely applicable subjects, but also very difficult for majority of the students. It is possible for students to get calculus 2 help online and other assignments that will help a student to master the subject material.

It is only by mastering the content the student will be able to get higher grades. It is also advisable for students to have good knowledge of algebra and geometry for them to understand calculus easily. True story!

Do not be afraid to ask

It is unfortunate that most students decide to quit their dreams after finding out that the particular subject is tough for them. There is no reason of being afraid to look for assistance whether it is from friends from the online math tutors.

There is no absolute reason why calculus should be an obstacle on your way to achieve your great dreams. Therefore be bold and seek the help from the experts.

Keep your focus and be motivated

It is also important to remain focused and motivated. In education, perseverance is key to success. It is therefore necessary to keep trying out the various mathematical problems. It is also the same if you’re majoring in finance. A financial calculator is really a helpful tool to stay on top. Here are some of the financial calculators in the market today.

Study in advance

One of the things to do is to prepare ahead of your class. Studying in advance will greatly help you understand what you are going to be taught. Calculus is quite broad and has different topics that are grouped into units. This explains why in colleges you will find units such as calculus 2, calculus 1, pre-calculus and many more.

The main topics you will find in these units include; derivatives, minima and maxima, chain rule, limits and continuity, trigonometric functions, Fourier’s series, Green’s theorem, and many more.

Do not get overwhelmed by this, you can study in advance little by little.


Nowadays, there are so many resources both online and offline to help you improve your grades and master the material content. It is not impossible to find get higher grades.

However, time and effort is necessary from the students as they will be dealing with abstract and more complex concepts. There a number of things a student can do in order to improve his or her grades.