Lower Back Pain In Early Pregnancy – What Can You do?


We know that back pain can be a problem later on during pregnancy. Surprisingly, lower back pain in early pregnancy can also be a complaint for many moms-to-be.

I noticed the back pain when I was sitting on the floor watching television, and then when I tried to stand up from the floor. The only way I can describe it is that everything felt loose in my lower back and like it was falling apart.

The main thing responsible for this is the hormones that circulate in your body. In order for the baby to pass through your pelvis, the female pelvis needs to expand. Your body is very smart, and begins the process early. In other words, your ligaments and muscles around your pelvis start to loosen up.

Occasionally, back pain can also be due to a urinary tract infection or kidney infection. Kidney infections increase the risk of preterm labor, so if you are quite concerned, you should speak to your physician.

So what can you do to deal with the back pain in early pregnancy?

Alternate standing with sitting.

Staying in one position for too long is not good.

Start using a body pillow.

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There are specific pregnancy body pillows that can greatly improve your comfort. They can help to ensure that your spine is aligned correctly, which can be of great aid in reducing the lower back pain during early pregnancy. These pillows can also improve your comfort dramatically as your belly grows.


If you were not very active before pregnancy, this is not the time to start running marathons. Simple walking and stretches can help. If you went to the gym before, speak to your physician to find out if it is safe to continue. Often, exercises the strengthen your abdomen, back muscles, and leg muscles can be very helpful during pregnancy.


Stretching out your pectoral muscles can help prevent the rounding of your back and allow you to get a good stretch in your back at the same time. To stretch your pecs, stand in a corner of your home where two walls meet perpendicularly.

Put one hand on each wall at a level above your head. Move your hands apart so that you feel the stretch across the pecs muscles, which are near the upper outer corners of your breasts. Arch your back to get a stretch on your back as well.

Start practicing good posture now.

Be sure to stand up tall and sit up straight (don’t sit slouched or hunched over a desk for long periods of the day). Be sure to take mini breaks every 15 minutes to reposition yourself and do a small stretch in the opposite direction.

For example, if you sit doing paperwork all day and notice that you hunch over your desk, you’ll want to stretch out in the opposite direction.



As pregnancy goes on, back pain can continue to be a problem, but it is related more to the weight of the baby and your body’s need to adjust its center of gravity to keep you from falling onto your face as your belly pulls you forwards. So start doing things early on in your pregnancy to reduce the back pain you are experiencing now, and to reduce the back pain that you may experience as the pregnancy continues.

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Getting The Higher Grades With Calculus 2

Calculus is one of the major branches of mathematics. Usually, it is regarded as one of the most difficult subjects to master. Calculus is generally divided into two main areas: differential calculus and integral calculus.

You will note that differential calculus involves change concepts of the instantaneous rates. Alternatively, the integral calculus deals with the total change concepts. The two areas merge together and are widely applied in various fields that include engineering, science, economics, physics, statistics, and many more.

The major topics in calculus revolve around theories, limits, and functions. The topics are usually tough for students. It is therefore necessary for students to get calculus 2 help tutorials from good calculus tutors in order to improve his or her grades.

What’s The Best Graphing Calculator for Calculus?


Calculus as a branch of mathematics was invented by Sir Isaac Newton who is a renowned scientist. One of the reasons why it is a difficult subject is because it deals with mathematical problems which are ever.

The subject breaks down the math problems into minuscule steps, solves them and then adds the results collectively. Generally, it is the mathematical study of the way things change with time, height, area and many other parameters. A graphing calculator is a very good tool to use in this subject.

For me, The TI-Nspire CX CAS or the TI-84 Plus CE, which you can read the review here, is the best graphing calculator to use for calculus. Why? It is really powerful and fast. I got no problem using it. But you need to study how to use this calculator first because it is a complex one!

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As noted, calculus is one of the most widely applicable subjects, but also very difficult for majority of the students. It is possible for students to get calculus 2 help online and other assignments that will help a student to master the subject material.

It is only by mastering the content the student will be able to get higher grades. It is also advisable for students to have good knowledge of algebra and geometry for them to understand calculus easily. True story!

Do not be afraid to ask

It is unfortunate that most students decide to quit their dreams after finding out that the particular subject is tough for them. There is no reason of being afraid to look for assistance whether it is from friends from the online math tutors.

There is no absolute reason why calculus should be an obstacle on your way to achieve your great dreams. Therefore be bold and seek the help from the experts.

Keep your focus and be motivated

It is also important to remain focused and motivated. In education, perseverance is key to success. It is therefore necessary to keep trying out the various mathematical problems.

Study in advance

One of the things to do is to prepare ahead of your class. Studying in advance will greatly help you understand what you are going to be taught. Calculus is quite broad and has different topics that are grouped into units. This explains why in colleges you will find units such as calculus 2, calculus 1, pre-calculus and many more.

The main topics you will find in these units include; derivatives, minima and maxima, chain rule, limits and continuity, trigonometric functions, Fourier’s series, Green’s theorem, and many more.

Do not get overwhelmed by this, you can study in advance little by little.


Nowadays, there are so many resources both online and offline to help you improve your grades and master the material content. It is not impossible to find get higher grades.

However, time and effort is necessary from the students as they will be dealing with abstract and more complex concepts. There a number of things a student can do in order to improve his or her grades.